December 14, 2018
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تبلیغات لینکی شما
تبلیغات متنی شما
شرح و توضیحات تبلیغات شما در اینجا قرار میگرد
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Barez Industrial Group   Barez Industrial Group  
Barez Industrial Group (BIG) –ex Kerman Tire & Rubber Complex was established in year 1984 . The plant facility built on a land lot with an area of 100 hectares is located in Kerman province , allegedly the largest industrial zone in the south east of Iran , having an international airport situated within 25 km of the plant and close to the main railway to Bandar Abbas port on Persian Gulf . The significance of the region goes back in the history to an era as old as the second century A.H. where once it was called “ The Land of Endeavors “. It is this very land that in addition to a very rich history has been also admired for its handicrafts i.e.carpets & Gilims , agricultural products , mining resources and recently , for a rapid growth of large and medium size industrial plants that has brought the total operating plants in the province to 700 units . Since the establishment of the of Barez Industrial Group (BIG) in 1984 with the trade name of Barez, as the first locally designed tire plant in Iranian tire industry , a rapid and steady growth has been achieved , thanks to the enthusiasm of Barez customers for using Barez quality tires which fit their requirements , commitments of Barez effective management team , efforts of Barez hard working staff and employing modern  ...

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